Next new Formula 1 team: F2 squad wants to step up

More names are leaking out about possible Formula 1 entrants. Which newcomer will be the most powerful, place your bets at A top Formula 2 team is said to be in the wind tunnel now, with Mercedes as a partner.

It’s all about Oliver Oakes’ British Hitech team. This team has been a front-runner in Formula 2 in recent years. Rumors of Hitech’s interest in entering Formula 1 have been circulating in recent weeks, and now they are growing. Hitech is said to have already submitted the necessary documents to the FIA.

New Formula 1 team already in the wind tunnel?

Specifically, ‘RacingNews365’, referring to a team member, reports that Hitech’s Formula One project “H26” has not only rounded up experienced personnel, but has even reportedly begun work on a chassis and aerodynamics testing at the old Mercedes facilities at Silverstone  newsintv.

H26 is also said to be interested in a partnership with Mercedes. Even though they currently supply three customer teams, the situation may well change by the time a newcomer joins. A more closely tied partner would have added value. After all, Aston Martin and Williams are tending toward more and more independence.

Formula 1 project H26 hires veterans

Ex-Ferrari engineer Dave Greenwood is leading the H26 project. The Briton may be known to a wider audience as Kimi Raikkonen’s former race engineer. As Technical Director of two WEC teams, he also gained management experience in the recent past. Since February 2022, he has officially been “Head of Special Projects” at Hitech.

Other veterans are said to be on board, with chief engineer Mark Smith, chief designer Keith Barclay and James Knapton as head of vehicle engineering. All have experience at several F1 teams and have worked (sometimes together) in various roles at Renault, Force India, Caterham, Manor and Red Bull’s technology offshoot Advanced Technologies, among others, in recent years.

In total, the project is said to already comprise 60 people. Work is taking place at Hitech’s old F2 base of operations at Silverstone. More is to come. Only when it comes to the question of the financial backer is information scanty.

The FIA and Formula 1 awarding process is currently running in the background. Interested parties had to declare their intentions in February, and now they have to submit a detailed roadmap to the FIA for evaluation. According to the tender, a maximum of two new teams can be accepted. The deadline communicated by the FIA for an initial decision is June 30.